Tomb of the Serpents Eso

Location of the tomb of the serpents Eso:

The tomb is generally located in Elsweyr, which is present in the ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), which is one of the major parts of the DLC (including content that can be downloaded). Some houses of history including museums are present in this tomb of Eso.

Is this tomb remains in any type of danger?

Dragon (which acts as a villain), stalk the skies over the tomb of the serpents Eso, and the Khajit (which acts as a hero) struggle to defend their homeland from both invading Imperials and the monstrous beasts.

Contents present in the tomb of the serpents:

Only two or three most important contents are present in this tomb, which are as follows:

  • Access
  • Daily Quests
  • Rimmen


In order to get access to the tomb of the serpents so, you can use a way shrine to travel to the Rimmen. You have to acquire the main quest “A rage of dragons”, which is one of the products collected in this tomb. This allows you to get access to create a new character of your own choice, before unlocking a new stage or level.

Daily quests present in the tomb of the serpents Eso:

If you are new in the alchemy crafting writs, then you are not allowed to get access to the quests immediately. Firstly, you must go through the area “Getting Around Without Wayshrines”, through which you can quickly unlock those regions that lead you to the quests in the tomb. Read more about How you can get the Eso survey maps in alchemy writs?


This content involves the daily delve, world boss, and Dragon Hunt quest givers that do not need to be unlocked. Some more points are also involved in this content, which is as follows:

  • Delves
  • World Bosses
  • Dragon Hunts

These may be prepared by using the following compounds tangled tea leaves, rifling through ruins, the hungry cat’s favor, wisdom in the winds, etc.

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