Essence of power

Different forms of the essence of power:

The essence of power in alchemy crafting writs is available in various forms. Some of the most popular and the most useful forms of power potions are as follows:

  • Essence of Armor
  • Essence of Cowardice
  • Essence of Detection
  • Essence of Health
  • Essence of Hindering
  • Essence of Immovability
  • Essence of Invisibility
  • Essence of Maim
  • The essence of Ravage Health
  • The essence of Ravage Magicka
  • The essence of Ravage Stamina
  • Essence of Speed
  • The essence of Spell Critical
  • The essence of Spell Power
  • The essence of Spell Protection
  • Essence of Uncertainty
  • The essence of Weapon Crit
  • The essence of Weapon Power

Specialties of the forms of the essence of power:

All the forms of the power mentioned above are specialized for some specific purposes. Here we will discuss the importance of different forms of power potions. Read more about Eso jester festival 2019.

  • The essence of Armor:

This form of a potion of power is responsible for increasing the armor that usually works as a protection defile. This essence can be prepared with the following ingredients:

  • Mountain flower mudcrab chitin nightshade
  • Imp stool mudcrab chitin nightshade
  • The essence of Cowardice:

This power potion is important for restoring immunity and health. This potion can be prepared with the following ingredients:

  • Blue Entoloma bugloss mudcrab chitin
  • Blue entoloma bugloss white cap
  • Bugloss butterfly wings white cap
  • Bugloss columbine white cap
  • Bugloss mountain flower white cap
  • Bugloss water hyacinth white cap
  • Luminous russula bugloss white cap
  • The essence of Detection:

This essence of power can restore the magicka power of the player by increasing spell power detection. It can be formed by the following ingredients:

  • Cornflower lady’s smock torch bug thorax
  • Cornflower lady’s smock wormwood
  • The essence of Health:

This restores the health by increasing immunity essence and is formed by this ingredient:

  • Bugloss mountain flower mudcrab chitin
  • The essence of Hindering:

It restores the immunity of the player by reducing the hindrance speed. This essence of power can be prepared by the following ingredient:

  • Butterfly wing luminous russula spider egg

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